Nulens Dynacurve IOL (Nulens ltd)

The NuLens Dynacurve accommodative IOL (NuLens, Ltd., Herzliya Pituah, Israel) consists of: 1) polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) haptics that are designed to be placed in the ciliary sulcus; 2) a PMMA anterior reference plane that provides distance vision correction; 3) a small chamber containing a solid silicone gel and 4) a posterior piston with an aperture in the center.

Such IOL prototypes, even with silicone gel of a relatively low refractive index (1.40), have been shown in a primate eye to deliver more than 40.00 D of accommodation using only 500 µm of vertical diaphragm displacement. No wonder the principle was evaluated clinically in AMD Patients, providing additional evidence regarding the Concept of possible extreme Accommodation. This Prototype of lens required a 9mm incision to be inserted in the sulcus/bag.


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