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CataRhex 3 Phaco Unit (Oerli)

This interesting 3rd generation machine is excellent and specialized in performing sub 2.0 mm Cataract surgery for over 10 years. This  increadible 5kgr Device features:

1/ Efficient heavy duty Fragmentation- see 3.

2/ Fast rising Vacuum Peristaltic Pump with precise Flow Control, CortexMode:  in combination with proper inhouse designed instrumentation the SPEEPMode in removing residual lens material is supposed to be a clear advantage of this technology.

3/ Robust Phaco piece, light and effective with 6 piecoelectric elements a for sub 1.8mm incisions .

4/ affordable consumables.

5/ Ability to perform HF (high Frequency) semi automated capsulotomy (see Videos- Capsulotomy)

6/ HFDS ; High Frequency Deep Sclerectomy Feature, MIGS procedure from Oerli. Probably already obsolete.


Centurion Vision System (Alcon)

Centurion was launched by Alcon in 2013.  Since then it has easilty become the no 1 cataract emulsifier in the US.


1/Active Fluidics: employs “Pressurized” Fluidics thus Surgeon can set and maintain (as well as incisions are well constructed!)  target IOP throughout the procedure. Vs Gravitational Fluidics where the pressure is fixed. or there is a lag while elevating the pole of the BSS…. Eliminates the need to manually adjust the Fluid Pressure.

2/ INTREPID  Micro Coaxial System: This unique “bend” but “Balanced” Tip is cuppled with the unique 0.9mm Nanosleeve (at the Ozil IP Handpiece) featured in the latest Infinity. This tip is -of course-a must when using the machine since it reduces tip movement and leak at incision and greatly enhances tortional power.

3/ excellent interface of parameter adjustment to regulate flow and Efficiency at the Tip, if however the user is accustomed to the latest generation of Pulse/ Burst and Hyperpulse balance of the Infinity along with the new feature: the bimodal set of Vacuum and Asp Flow. Otherwise you can be intimidated if you try to take your first ride on the Centurion (which can be very disapointing!)


This 2nd Gen, 1064nm pulsed at 10Hz solid state  Laser Source , pulse duration 5nsec, is able to elicite  “cool-low energy” photodisruption of the lens in order to perform frank all Laser Cataract Surgery. The Single use probe is connected to the Cetus AND your Phaco machine for Aspiration/ Irrigation. Works well with the Alcon Units.

Constellation Vision System (Alcon)


Even if marketed only as a posterior Segment unit, the Constellation with the Venturi pump and pressurized fluidics combined with Alcon’s superb newer Phaco handpiece with the nanosleeve, offers an excellent Phacoemulsifier at least as good if not better then the all time honored Infinity System.

Infiniti Vision System (with Ozil + IP -Alcon)

Latest (and literally last) upgrade entails Ozil Torsional Handpiece, Interpid PLUS Fluidics Management System (FMS) to decrease postocclusion Surge and maintain chamber stability. Moreover it allows frank generation of Vacuum up to 600.

the Intelligent Phaco (iP) Module: software to increase followability, minimize post-occlusion Surge and phaco Efficiency by keeping the lens material at the shearing plane.

1/ Pulse and Hyperpulse Modes (Ozil Pulse) 

Adjust Phaco Power + Torsional Amplitude separately as well as pulse per second  (PPS) / % Time On and Linear or not application of energy.

2/ Smart Pulse (NeoSoniX Pulse) 

Complements traditional micropulse phaco settings below 20msec by allowing extra low energy delivery.

3/ Linear Burst 

Idea is to allow better occlusion by separetely controlling Burst Delivery/ Energy and Duty Cycle



OS 4 Surgical Platform (Oerli)

A Phacovitrectomy Peristaltic machine where the meaning of “Venturi” bacomes obsolete: According to independent users SPEEMode allows almost independent control of vacuum through a sensor in the cassette where flow is regulated -as usual- by the (peristaltic) wheel. In other words when the Surgeon moves the foot down in position 3 she/he gets an instant Vaccum rise (independent from occlusion…) which is actually not even theoretically possible in peristaltic machines…..

R-EVOLUTION Ophthalmic Equipment (Phaco Unit- Keratron)

R-Evolution is the flagship U/S machine of Keratron , maker of U/S Machines for over 20 years.


1/ double Pump (Peristaltic- Venturi)

2/ double Infusion System with dynamic IOP Control

2/ possibility of Dual Pump mechanism -Peristaltic alone / Venturi + Peristaltic Combined

3/ 23-27G anterior Vitrectomy up to 20.000cuts/min (basic Version 8.000cuts/min)

4/ 4 or 6 crystal  U/S handpiece, real time oscillation control (minimal stress phaco), Burst, Pulse modes

5/ Dual or Single Linear Control Pedal

REVOSMART S Ophthalmic Equipment (Phaco Unit- Keratron)

R-Evo-smart is a compact unit with outstanding features from Ketatron that has been making US Machines for 20 years.


1/ Reusable I/A cassette

2/ possibility of Dual Pump mechanism -Peristaltic alone / Venturi + Peristaltic Combined

3/ 23-27G anterior Vitrectomy 5.000cuts/min RevoSmart S ,

4/ 4 or 6 crystal  U/S handpiece, real time oscillation control (minimal stress phaco), Burst, Pulse modes

5/ Dual or Single Linear Control Pedal

Stellaris Elite Vision Enhancement System (B L)

Venturi Phaco Systems have the advantage that you can NOT separate Vacuum from Flow therefore the Surgeon can actually only modify Vacuum. (The Machine does the rest)

NB: only Valid with incisions <2.2. Never operate with larger incisions with the Stellaris!

  1. Adaptive Fluidics: Proprietary Software to regulate flow by self adjusting infusion pressure instantly
  2. PHACO: “attune Energy Motto” Harmonized highly efficient Energy from microtip: 28.5kHz MORE Audible then Alcon! -“Acoustic Cavitation”  6 vibrating Crystals  resulting in highly efficient 130μ stroke length.