LRI Calculator

Limbal Relaxing Incision Online Nomogram
The site will provide useful guidelines to incorporate LRI’s 0,5mm inside the limbus in clear cornea in your Cataract Surgery. (Preset Diamond 600μ). We usually perform this step with the eye filled with OVD before IOL intruduction inside the capsule. Keep Instrument perpendicular to the Cornea (¬45 degrees to the OR Floor). The Nomograms provides are from Dr Donnenfeld and (Skip) Nichamin

Online Visual Simulations for Multi/Trifocals

Online Halo and Glare Simulator (Dr Kramer et al)–glare-simulatie/index.html
Probably the best SImulator we have seen. Worth a visit to the link provided.


Online Vision Simulator – Tecnis Family of IOLs
The site will provide useful simulations for refractive errors and especially Vision simulations from the driver seat in night conditions explaining the halos/ glare phenomena haunting the bifocal/ trifocal Premium IOL Arena