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AssiAnchor (Hanita Lenses)

Device to fixate a subluxated capsule/lens to the sclera. The Device is designed to have the correct size when placed inside an intact central capsulorhexis of 5mm. The Device (3mm-Rigid Blue PMMA) can be preplaced even before the cataract extraction in order to stabilize the capsule. Incision Size 2,5 mm .


Bean Rings 80/80A/80B/80C/80D/80E/80F

Bean Segments are capsular supporting devices in 5 sizes 11-15mm used to offer additional capillary support and centration with the use of the BIL (Bag in the Lens) Project.


MaxIris Iris+Capsule Akahoshi Retractors (Asico)

AS-9255  Better shaped traditional iris retractors for pupillary exposure from Asico

AS-9256 Straight shape has a rectangular profile

AS-9257  twin Fiber for additional capsule/iris support…see Mackool system

SALRing (Lenspecial)

Ring to seperate anterior/posterior capsule and prevent Lens Equatorial Cell Migration.Sizes 10,6mm, 10.8mm and 11.0 mm.