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AlaTrypan (Trypan Blue) from AlaMedics-Altomed

manufactured from AlaMedics in  Germany. Found on the Altomed website.

incorporates Mannitol in the final product. Ready prepared in syringes 0,5ml

NB: probably on of the best of the “no name” Dyes, but still would not use in DMEK Surgery.

CapsulBlue -Trypan Blue- (Excel-Lens)

Trypan Blue solution proprietary formulated with use of the Capsulaser Capsulorhexis. Package includes 10 prefilled Syringes for single use only!

MonoBlue SafR (ARCAD)

from the French producer of several VR products comes MonoBlue SafR especially for anterior Segment Surgery (0,55%)


ALBOMED specializes in Viscoelastic Product from Rooster Comb extract and Biofermentation as well as HPMC. Trypan Blue addition was patented and introduced in 2015. (NaHA 1.7%, MW between 1-2 mill Dalton) Zero Shear Viscosity unknown.

RS Blue (Alchimia-Italy)

Visability enhancer from leader in Cornea Storage Media Alchimia the RS-Blue was found to have high% MonoAzo Dye content comared with prototype (Vision Blue)

Treq-Blue (Trypan Blue) Vitreq-Netherlands-

0,06 mg/ml Formulation from Netherlands Vitreq Company including HPLC Chromatography results on their website. Presented as the “purest” Dye on the Market.

VisionBlue (Trypan Blue) from DORC

the Original Melles Formulation from DORC. Contains 10 sterile 0,5ml Syringes.

0,06% Formulation, probably the only one that should be used fron DMEK Surgery

highly Purified, with lowest concentrations of Mono -Azo Dye.

In the Video watch  injecting the dye under a bubble from a paracentesis not the main incision.