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CapsuLaser (Excel Lens)

OR Microscope mounted device using a Continuous Wave laser in the orange red range of the spectrum to perform automated capsulorhexis between 4.5 and 6.0 mm in one second, utilizing a proprietary Trypan Blue based Dye (CAPSULBlue) and a Patient Interface Lens. Capsulorhexis with elastic properties.

Catalys Precision Femtosecond laser (J J)

The true non-applanating LIQUID OPTICS Patient Interface does not produce corneal endothelial folds, resulting in outstanding cornea incisions. The Interface Sizes: 12mm to 14.5 mm

The CATALYS® System’s full-volume, 3D, high-resolution optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging and INTEGRAL GUIDANCE Technology work together to help you deliver optimal, precise treatment.

  • Performs > 10,000 A-scans to capture high-resolution data for the full volume of the anterior segment
  • Identifies anterior cornea, posterior cornea, iris, anterior lens and posterior lens to guide laser delivery
  • Refreshes at 0.5 – 2.0 Hz for uninterrupted visualization of the eye throughout treatment
  • Generates accurate pictures of the anterior chamber using 3D OCT imaging data

FEMTO LDV Z8 (Ziemer)

Low Energy Femto able to attract attention in the FLACS arena.

Key Benefits:

  • The FEMTO LDV Z8 creates minimal to no bubbles due to its low energy technology  (System can perform Lens segmentation prior to capsulotomy.)
  • Automatic edge detection (lens, capsular bag, iris and cornea)
  • Proprietary high resolution OCT for intraoperative adjustments  (Details unknown)
  • System can perform all cornea applications including keratoplasty module. (Upgrade is usually extra)


Lensar Streamline IV Femtosecond Laser (Lensar)

Proprietary 3D Scheimflug based imaging technology. Noncontact Fluid Interface.

IntelliAxis: Capsulotomy steep axis alignment of Toric IOLs

Iris Registration and Automatic Cyclorotation Adjustment

Automatic LOCS type of Cataract Grading and Energy Compensation

improved software to facilitate corneal incision placement (intelligent Incisions TM)


LenSx Laser System-Femtosecond Laser- (Alcon)

Newest Gen LenSx® Laser features a high-definition OCT (Fourier Domain FD-OCT) achieving 8,5mm visability and an innovative patient interface (SoftFit-2012  -fixates the eye to a soft contact lens insert, minimizing cornea compression) and fast treating time. According to the manufacturer now the typical total treatment times are under two minutes.

Verus Ophthalmic Caliper (Milehigh Ophthalmics)

based in Denver Milehigh Ophthalmics produce Malik Kahooks CCC “tracer”, This silicone ring is able to produce consistent identical capsulorhexis if pushed onto the capsule with dispersive viscoelastic..

Victus Femtosecond Laser Platform

Femtosecond LAser featuring both Cornea and Cataract Applications. Offering upgraded Software and Swept-Source OCT  (REALEYEZ) asn well as new Patient Interface -VICTUS VERAFIT

Zepto Precision Pulse Capsulotomy by Mynosys Cellular Devices Inc.


The Zepto® capsulotomy system provides consistent, high quality anterior lens capsulotomies during cataract surgery in a convenient, cost-effective, disposable format.

Key features include:

  • A collapsible super-elastic nitinol capsulotomy ring element with micron scale elements to create the unique and strong Zepto capsulotomy edge.
  • A clear silicone suction cup to enable suction and generate Zepto’s proprietary capsulotomy action and to allow Zepto capsulotomies on the patient’s individual visual axis.

Suction is use to trap a thin layer of water molecules that undergo phase transition using an ultra-fast 4 millisecond electrical mutipulse discharge.  Zepto is then floated off the capsule and removed from the anterior chamber.

NB All OVDs with a viscosity less than or equal to of 300,000 mPas (or 300,000 cps) can be used. DO NOT USE with Healon 5, Healon GV, or similar.