CV-9000 ( NIDEK CO )

Brand:Nidek Co


Intuitive graphic user interface with pop-up window

The intuitive design of the graphic user interface with pop-up window provides easy and quick operation.

Nine languages for universally easy-to-use operability

Nine languages are available including Korean, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, English, and Japanese.

Dual tube availability of reusable and disposable

The CV-9000 is designed to work with both reusable and disposable tubes.

High-speed cutter for anterior vitrectomy (1,000 cpm)

Anterior vitrectomy can be performed safely and efficiently with the high-speed vitreous cutter.

Enhanced aspiration and ultrasound with optional software

The CV-9000 provides three optional software packages, package A, package B, and package A + B, to enhance aspiration and ultrasound performance.