Fortas™ CV-30000 ( NIDEK CO )

Brand:Nidek Co


Fortas pump

The refined peristaltic pump achieves vacuum rise at shorter times than the venturi pump.

VIS (Variable Intervals and Strokes)

VIS provides dual-oscillation of conventional pulse and ultra-short duration pulse. The nucleus can be emulsified easily with less energy by using dual-pulse oscillation.

APS-Plus (Auto Pulse System-Plus)

APS-Plus enables efficient control of ultrasound and aspiration pump. Both ultrasound and aspiration pump automatically stop immediately after occlusion breaks to minimize surge. When the phaco tip is occluded, an automatic increase in the pulse duty provides a highly efficient control for phacoemulsification.

Bi-Blade™ cutter (25G)*

The Bi-Blade™(25G) vitreous cutter cuts twice in a single motion. Its continuously open port enables high aspiration efficiency independent of the cut rate.
*Available for type AP. (High Speed Vit 8000 model)

Integration with Green Laser Photocoagulator

The CV-30000 is equipped with a room to integrate the NIDEK GYC-500 Green Laser Photocoagulator. It enables efficient operation flow and effective use space in the operating room.