Centurion Vision System (Alcon)

Centurion was launched by Alcon in 2013.  Since then it has easilty become the no 1 cataract emulsifier in the US.


1/Active Fluidics: employs “Pressurized” Fluidics thus Surgeon can set and maintain (as well as incisions are well constructed!)  target IOP throughout the procedure. Vs Gravitational Fluidics where the pressure is fixed. or there is a lag while elevating the pole of the BSS…. Eliminates the need to manually adjust the Fluid Pressure.

2/ INTREPID  Micro Coaxial System: This unique “bend” but “Balanced” Tip is cuppled with the unique 0.9mm Nanosleeve (at the Ozil IP Handpiece) featured in the latest Infinity. This tip is -of course-a must when using the machine since it reduces tip movement and leak at incision and greatly enhances tortional power.

3/ excellent interface of parameter adjustment to regulate flow and Efficiency at the Tip, if however the user is accustomed to the latest generation of Pulse/ Burst and Hyperpulse balance of the Infinity along with the new feature: the bimodal set of Vacuum and Asp Flow. Otherwise you can be intimidated if you try to take your first ride on the Centurion (which can be very disapointing!)