Infiniti Vision System (with Ozil + IP -Alcon)

Latest (and literally last) upgrade entails Ozil Torsional Handpiece, Interpid PLUS Fluidics Management System (FMS) to decrease postocclusion Surge and maintain chamber stability. Moreover it allows frank generation of Vacuum up to 600.

the Intelligent Phaco (iP) Module: software to increase followability, minimize post-occlusion Surge and phaco Efficiency by keeping the lens material at the shearing plane.

1/ Pulse and Hyperpulse Modes (Ozil Pulse) 

Adjust Phaco Power + Torsional Amplitude separately as well as pulse per second  (PPS) / % Time On and Linear or not application of energy.

2/ Smart Pulse (NeoSoniX Pulse) 

Complements traditional micropulse phaco settings below 20msec by allowing extra low energy delivery.

3/ Linear Burst 

Idea is to allow better occlusion by separetely controlling Burst Delivery/ Energy and Duty Cycle