Artisan Aphakia Model 205 (Ophtec)

Iris fixated IOL designed for a spherical correction in cases of inefficient capsular Support.

In our opinion it is primarily a posterior Chamber Lens (A*=116.8) that may be enclavated in the Anterior Chamber if needed (A*=115,7) Note that the aphakic and less expensive Version is Biconvex (Only +2D to +9.0 are plano-Convex)




Additional information

General description & fixation


lens type


A Constant


UV-Light Protection

Extra Blue light Control

Haptic Angulation

Haptic Material

incision Size


Optic Edge

Optic Shape


Body (Optic) Size

Optical Function

Optical Principle

Overall Size


Range in Astigmatism Correction

Range in 0,5D increments-sphere


Range in 1.0D increments-sphere