Scleral Suturefree IOL Carlevale FIL SSF TORIC (Soleko)

Peculiar looking suturefree IOL for Fixation under scleral flaps throygh Trascleral plugs. Customized optic to provide toricity control at 0,25D steps! Injector: Medical Viscojet 2.2 or 2.7 . As per Company 2 week delivery time.

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Additional information

Optical Function

General description & fixation

lens type

Optical Principle


Haptic Material


Optic Shape

Body (Optic) Size

Haptic Angulation

Overall Size

incision Size


A Constant


ACD constant

Range in 0,5D increments-sphere

Lens Toricity


UV-Light Protection


Extra Blue light Control

Optic Edge

Refractive Index

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