Eye Max Mono for AMD (Care Group)

“The innovative technology and unique optics of the EyeMax lens diverts images away from the damaged part of the eye and enhances them to the healthy parts, leading to a significant improvement of vision for patients. The shape of the Eyemax Lens redirects the same high quality image at every point of the retina, leaving the selection of the best alternative macula to the human brain.” -so called “Proprietary Hyper-Wavefront Modified Optics by Optical Physist P Artal. Concept by Dr B Qureshi.

The Lens is combined with high + Specs to produce magnification.

Refractive Target +3D : 10% Mag,   +6D  20% mag (+10 to 30%)

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hydrophobic single piece posterior chamber lens for Astigmatism Control


Additional information

A Constant

Refractive Index

Optic Shape


General description & fixation


lens type


Body (Optic) Size

Overall Size

Optical Function


Optical Principle


Range in 0,5D increments-sphere

Haptic Material

Haptic Angulation


UV-Light Protection

Extra Blue light Control

incision Size

Lens Toricity

Low Vision