LOKI Preloaded IOL for Dogs (Veterinary IOL)(Cristalens)

Hydrophobic Acrylic  preloaded IOL for 3.00mm incision Surgery, with posterior Surface Aspheric SA-negative with +41.0D in 3 sizes, 12.00mm/ 13.00mm/  14.00mm  from France and IOLART (GR/CY)


Additional information

lens type

Optical Function

Optical Principle

Lens Toricity

UV-Light Protection

Extra Blue light Control



Haptic Material

Haptic Angulation

Optic Shape

Body (Optic) Size

Overall Size

Optic Edge

incision Size


Range in 0,5D increments-sphere

Range in Astigmatism Correction

Refractive Index

Abbe Number

A Constant

ACD constant