IPCLDT Presbyopic Toric V2.0 for phakic Eyes (Care Group)

Hydrophilic six haptic IOL to be placed in the sulcus of the phakic Eye. With central and peripheral ventilation holes. Central hole is 380μ. Incision <2.8mm. Optic Size is huge: 6.60 up to 7.5 possible Customized.  Length from 11.00 to 14.00 in 0,25mm steps. Range -30.0 D to +15.0D. This model corrects presbyopia adding “up to 4.0D” and astigmatism up to +10.0 D.

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Additional information

A Constant

Refractive Index

Optic Shape


General description & fixation

lens type


Body (Optic) Size

Overall Size

Optical Function

Optical Principle


Range in 0,5D increments-sphere

Haptic Material

Haptic Angulation



UV-Light Protection

Extra Blue light Control

incision Size

Lens Toricity

Range in Astigmatism Correction