Lumina Dual Optic IOL (Akkolens International)

The Lumina AIOL (AkkoLens International, Breda, The Netherlands) consists of 2 optical elements, capable of moving one on top of the other, and is implanted in the ciliary sulcus The lens is manufactured with an acrylic hydrophilic polymer material. The optics provides a fixed optical power: the anterior element is designed to provide 5 D while the posterior provides between 10 to 25 D, depending on the correction needed for the patient after the lens removal. Each one of the optics has an internal aspheric surface where its power increases linearly when the lens moves. Therefore, when the eye accommodates and the ciliary muscle contracts, the optics of the lens change their longitudinal position, passing one over the other thereby resulting in an increase of the dioptric power of the lens, focusing the light for the near distance and providing accommodation to the patient. J Alio et al, 2017



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