AS-6D iDIFF Plus -yellow tinted hydrophilic- IOL R Cloop or P Plate -(Care Group)

“iDIFF Plus is a newer generation refractive-diffractive presbyopic IOL with an increasing step height diffractive pattern combined with increased step angulation between transition zones, resulting in superior optical quality for both distance and near. The design enables balanced distribution of light (60/40 light distribution for far and near respectively) and higher MTF values, which increases contrast sensitivity in all lighting conditions and reduces the effects of scattered light, such as persistent glare and haloes and is pupil independent.” copied from website.

Comes as iDiff R (C-loop haptics)  and iDiff P (plate) in 3 Adds +4.00/ +3.50/ +3.00 



hydrophobic single piece posterior chamber lens for Astigmatism Control


Additional information

A Constant

Refractive Index

Optic Shape


General description & fixation

lens type



Body (Optic) Size

Overall Size


Optical Function

Optical Principle


Range in 0,5D increments-sphere

Haptic Material

Haptic Angulation


UV-Light Protection

Extra Blue light Control

incision Size

Lens Toricity

Range in Astigmatism Correction