Acriva Reviol BB T Multifocal MFM 611 (VSY Biotechnology)

Yellow version of the Bifocal Diffractive/refractive with excellent MTF and Abbe number characteristics from VSY. Wide Dioptric Range. +3.75D Add in the IOL Plane. Toric Version 1 to 10.0 D in 0,5D increments


hydrophilic single piece posterior chamber lens


Additional information

A Constant

Refractive Index

Optic Shape


General description & fixation

lens type


Body (Optic) Size

Overall Size

Optical Function

Optical Principle


Range in 0,5D increments-sphere


Lens Toricity

Range in Astigmatism Correction

Haptic Material

Haptic Angulation


Abbe Number

UV-Light Protection

Extra Blue light Control

Optic Edge

incision Size