Trypan Blue Ophthalmic Solution 0.06% (SIDAPHARM)



Trypan Blue

Ophthalmic Solution 0.06%

– Excellent visualization of the capsulorhexis in eyes with mature cataract or small pupils
– Clear outline of the capsulorhexis rim during the entire surgery
– Capsule staining is quick, easy and safe to perform
– Creates excellent staining contrast for anterior and posterior capsulorhexis
– Reduces surgical time

Sida-Blue PFS – Prefilled syringe

Ergonomic grip for better control of the injection –

Ophthalmic cannula included –

Ready to use syringe –


– Cataract surgery with poor red reflex
– Phacoemulsification
– Small incision cataract surgery
– Extra capsular cataract surgery
– Incomplete capsulorhexis
– Anterior/posterior capsulotomy
– Any high risk cataract case
– Trauma Cases
– Teaching trainee surgeons

Blue PFS
SBule Vial

Sida-Blue 1 ml vial

Easy application –
Reduces duration of surgery