posterior Continuous Curvilinear Capsulorhexis (PCCC)and Posterior optic capture (POC)


creating a posterior capsulorhexis is a dawnted task since all you learn while performing cataract surgery is preserving the posterior capsule. Nevertheless controlled posterior capsulorhexis is required in pediatric patients but is easier taught in adult patients.

  1. Do not over inflate the bag. 2 Use cohesive viscoelastic through the 30G needle opening and over the capsulorhexis
  2. start Small and aim for ~4.5mm.
  3. know the importance of Burger;s Space

Hyaloid Sparing Double Capture technique: Optic through both anterior/posterior Capsulorhexis in Burger Space, Haptics in the Sulcus (L B Arbisser)