Xact Mono-EDoF (Santen)



• Product IOL (1-piece Posterior Chamber Foldable Intraocular Lens)
• Product Name xact® Mono-EDoF®
• Model Number ME4
• Optic Configuration Bi-convex, Aspheric, Diffractive
• Lens Material Hydrophobic Acrylic UV Absorbing Blue-Light-Blocking
• Dioptric Powers +10.0D to +30.0D in 0.5D increments

• Design Concept

-High quality Far distance vision like a Monofocal IOL (e.g. driving)
-Continuous focus to Intermediate distance vision (e.g. computer)
-EDoF benefits with minimal Glare, Halo, and Waxy vision issues
-High tolerance to Refractive Errors (+/- 0.5D or more)

• Injector Santen xact® access ease (SWJ-60R)

• Legal Manufacturer AVS / Advanced Vision Science, Inc. – A Santen Company

• Regulatory Status CE marked in April 2018

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