HARMONIS Swiss Advanced Vision

Harmonis  Top of the line individually Customized IOL, customizing % of Light intensity to Far Vision (40-80%), Intermiediate Vision (10-30%) and near Vision (10-48%). Proprietary EDOF technology that excibits a unique exagerrated aspheric (central region 1mm- Instant Focus Technology) combined with a diffractive Annulus to 3,7mm, monofocal (prob Aspheric) Refractive (to 6mm) properties.  One piece Hydrophilic acrylic with double closed loops IOL in two Sizes.



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A Constant

UV-Light Protection

Extra Blue light Control


Haptic Angulation

incision Size



Optic Edge


Optic Shape

Body (Optic) Size

Optical Function

Optical Principle


Overall Size

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Range in Astigmatism Correction

Range in 0,5D increments-sphere

Refractive Index

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