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Fluid Lens Accommodating IOL (PowerVision)

The FluidVision® Accommodating Intraocular Lens

Accommodation refers to the eye’s ability to dynamically adjust focus for clear vision at all distances. The FluidVision accommodating IOL from PowerVision contains a tiny amount of fluid inside the lens that moves in response to the natural muscle forces in the eye. The FluidVision lens provides True Accommodation™ by mimicking the eye’s natural accommodative process, changing shape and becoming thicker when the patient needs to see up close or thinner to see far away.  (from Powervision Website)

Unlike the Nulens and the Lumina this 3rd investigational Device meant to change the Curvature in vivo is meant to be placed in the capsule. 

Sapphire IOL (Elenza)


The Sapphire IOL (Elenza) is electronically controlled, remotely programmable, customisable and utilises nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and advanced electronics to auto-adjust focus in response to pupillary changes. Speed and amplitude of pupillary responses are used to differentiate between light and accommodation. The power-cell requires recharging every three-to-four days, has hibernation mode and a fail-safe mechanism that converts it to monofocal status till recharged.

First announced in 2011, Many Prominent Ophthalmic Surgeons in the directory Board of Elenza, One of the two probable  current “electronic IOL” .