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CataRhex 3 Phaco Unit (Oerli)

This interesting 3rd generation machine is excellent and specialized in performing sub 2.0 mm Cataract surgery for over 10 years. This  increadible 5kgr Device features:

1/ Efficient heavy duty Fragmentation- see 3.

2/ Fast rising Vacuum Peristaltic Pump with precise Flow Control, CortexMode:  in combination with proper inhouse designed instrumentation the SPEEPMode in removing residual lens material is supposed to be a clear advantage of this technology.

3/ Robust Phaco piece, light and effective with 6 piecoelectric elements a for sub 1.8mm incisions .

4/ affordable consumables.

5/ Ability to perform HF (high Frequency) semi automated capsulotomy (see Videos- Capsulotomy)

6/ HFDS ; High Frequency Deep Sclerectomy Feature, MIGS procedure from Oerli. Probably already obsolete.


OS 4 Surgical Platform (Oerli)

A Phacovitrectomy Peristaltic machine where the meaning of “Venturi” bacomes obsolete: According to independent users SPEEMode allows almost independent control of vacuum through a sensor in the cassette where flow is regulated -as usual- by the (peristaltic) wheel. In other words when the Surgeon moves the foot down in position 3 she/he gets an instant Vaccum rise (independent from occlusion…) which is actually not even theoretically possible in peristaltic machines…..